While we appreciate the intention behind existing legislation to regulate public nudity, we believe that the current laws are outdated and fail to adequately address the diverse cultural and social norms present in our society. The strict regulations disproportionately impact marginalized communities and restrict personal freedoms without just cause.

    We advocate for a more nuanced approach that acknowledges and respects individual rights to self-expression and bodily autonomy, while also ensuring the protection of public decency and safety. We propose a revision of the existing laws to allow for more flexibility in the interpretation and enforcement of nudity regulations.

    Naturism in South Africa:

    SANNA, the South African Naturist Association, plays a significant role in regulating naturism in South Africa. While the country doesn't have specific laws governing naturism, SANNA operates within a framework of guidelines and principles to ensure that naturist activities are conducted responsibly and respectfully.

    SANNA works to promote naturism as a lifestyle choice and a form of recreation while advocating for the rights of naturists in South Africa. They provide guidance on appropriate naturist behaviour, including respecting privacy, obtaining consent, and maintaining the integrity of naturist spaces.

    SANNA also collaborates with relevant authorities and stakeholders to address any legal or regulatory issues affecting naturism in South Africa. They may work to ensure that naturist beaches, resorts, and other facilities comply with relevant laws and regulations, and they may advocate for the creation of designated naturist areas where appropriate.

    Overall, SANNA serves as a central organization for naturists in South Africa by adhering to the internationally accepted Code of Conduct, offering support, guidance, and advocacy to ensure that naturism can be enjoyed safely and responsibly within the country.

    Naturism Worldwide:

    Naturism, or nudism, is a lifestyle that advocates for nudity in social settings and is often associated with a reverence for nature, body acceptance, and freedom from the constraints of clothing. It's practiced in various forms around the world, with organizations like the International Naturist Federation (INF) serving as hubs for networking and advocacy.

    The INF, founded in 1953, is the global umbrella organization for naturist/nudist groups and individuals. It promotes naturism as a way of life in harmony with nature, emphasizing its positive effects on health, self-esteem, and interpersonal relationships. INF member organizations work to establish and maintain naturist facilities, organize events, and defend naturist rights.

    Naturism has a diverse following, with participants ranging from families to individuals, and it's practiced in various settings, including designated beaches, resorts, clubs, and private residences. Some countries have more developed naturist communities and infrastructure than others, often influenced by cultural attitudes toward nudity, legal frameworks, and the availability of suitable locations.

    While naturism has faced challenges and prejudices in some societies, it continues to thrive as a lifestyle choice for many people seeking a more liberated and authentic way of living. The INF plays a crucial role in connecting naturists worldwide, fostering a sense of community, and advocating for the recognition and acceptance of naturism as a legitimate and wholesome lifestyle.


    We Specifically, we call for:

    1. Decriminalization of non-sexual nudity in appropriate contexts, such as designated nude beaches, private establishments, and cultural events where nudity is customary or consensual.
    2. Clear guidelines outlining acceptable forms of public nudity and establishing penalties for indecent exposure or lewd behaviour.
    3. Comprehensive education and awareness campaigns to promote understanding and acceptance of diverse cultural attitudes towards nudity.

    By revising the nudity laws in South Africa, we can promote a more inclusive and progressive society that respects individual rights and fosters a culture of tolerance and acceptance.

    Hereby I give my full support to amend the current Public Nudity Act and the intentions of the South Africa National Naturist Association and its affiliates will propose to amend the Act.

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